Source: 2010: ILDIS World Database of Legumes 2010. (copyright © ILDIS)
Amorpha L., Sp. Pl.: 713. 1753



    [Ab(A N) Al Au(A) Br Bu By Cm Cz Es Ga(F) He It Ju Lt Mo Rf(C CS E K S) Rm Sa Tu(E) Uk] 

    Euro+Med: Albania introduced; Austria, with Liechtenstein (Austria introduced); Azerbaijan introduced (Azerbaijan (core) introduced, Nakhchivan introduced); Belarus introduced; Bulgaria introduced; Crimea introduced; Estonia introduced; Former Czechoslovakia introduced; Former Yugoslavia introduced; France, with Channel is. and Monaco (France introduced); Great Britain introduced; Italy, with San Marino and Vatican City introduced; Lithuania introduced; Moldova introduced; Romania introduced; Russia introduced (C European Russia introduced, E European Russia introduced, Kaliningrad region introduced, North Caucasus introduced, S European Russia introduced); Sardinia introduced; Switzerland introduced; Turkey (Turkey-in-Europe introduced); Ukraine introduced; Ukraine, with Crimea introduced