Source: ILDIS World Database of Legumes 2010. (copyright © ILDIS). 2010
Lens Mill., Gard. Dict. Abr., ed. 4. 1754, nom. cons.



    AE(G) Ab(A N) Ag Al Ar Bl Bu Ca Cm Co Cr Cy Ga(F) Gg(G) Gr Hs(S) Ir It Jo Ju Le Lu Ma Rf(CS) Sa Si(S) Sy Tn Tu(A E) [Au(A) Az By Cz Es Ge Gg(A D) He Hu La Lt Mo Rf(C E K N NW S) Rm Uk] 

    Euro+Med unknown endemism: Albania native; Algeria native; Armenia native; Austria, with Liechtenstein (Austria introduced); Azerbaijan, with Nakhchivan native (Azerbaijan native, Nakhchivan native); Azores introduced; Baleares native; Belarus introduced; Bulgaria native; Canary islands native; Corsica native; Crete, with Karpathos native; Crimea native; Cyprus native; East Aegean islands (Greek East Aegean islands native); Estonia introduced; Former Czechoslovakia introduced; Former Yugoslavia native; France, with Channel is. and Monaco (France native); Georgia, with Abkhazia and Adjara native (Abkhazia introduced, Adjara introduced, Georgia native); Germany introduced; Greece native; Hungary introduced; Israel/Palestine native; Italy native; Jordan native; Latvia introduced; Lebanon native; Lithuania introduced; Moldova introduced; Morocco native; Portugal native; Romania introduced; Russia introduced (C European Russia introduced, E European Russia introduced, Kaliningrad region introduced, N European Russia introduced, NW European Russia introduced, North Caucasus native, S European Russia introduced); Sardinia native; Sicily, with Malta (Sicily native); Spain, with Gibraltar and Andorra (Spain native); Switzerland introduced; Syria native; Tunisia native; Turkey (Turkey, Asiatic part native, Turkey-in-Europe native); Ukraine introduced; Ukraine, with Crimea native