Source: Hand, R. (2011+): Apiaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
Cyclospermum Lag., Amen. Nat. Españ.: 101. 1821, nom. cons.


    Li [nAl nAz(F P T) nCa(F P T) aCm aCo Cy nEg aFe aGa(F) aGe Gg Hs(nS) aIr It nLu nMd(M P) aNo Rf(NW) aSu] 

    Euro+Med: Albania naturalised; Azores (Faial naturalised, Pico naturalised, Terceira naturalised); Canary islands naturalised (Fuerteventura introduced, La Palma introduced, Tenerife introduced); Corsica casual; Crimea casual; Cyprus introduced; Egypt naturalised; Finland casual; France, with Channel is. and Monaco (France casual); Georgia introduced; Germany casual; Israel/Palestine casual; Italy, with San Marino and Vatican City introduced; Libya native; Madeira archipelago naturalised (Madeira island introduced, Porto Santo introduced); Norway casual; Portugal naturalised; Russia (NW European Russia introduced); Spain, with Gibraltar and Andorra introduced (Spain naturalised); Sweden casual

    Common Names

    Finnish (Finland): nuppiputketA; Swedish (Sweden & Finland): kvarnsellerierA


    A. Kurtto, A., Lampinen, R., Piirainen, M. & Uotila, P. 2019: Checklist of the vascular plants of Finland. Suomen putkilokasvien luettelo. – Helsinki: Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS