Source: Raab-Straube, E. von 2022+: Oleaceae. - In: Euro+Med-PlantBase - the information resource for Euro+Mediterranean plant diversity.
Syringa L., Sp. Pl.: 9. 1753


    Ab(N) Al Bu Cg Gr Mk Rm Sr Uk [cAb(A) cAr Au(nA nL) aBH aBe(pB nL) nBr cBy Cm cCo nCs aCt Da Es aFe nGa(C F) nGe Hb(nE nN) He Hs(S) Hu nIt La Lt cMo aNo nPo cRf(C N NW) aSa aSi(S) nSk aSl Su] 

    Euro+Med: Albania native; Armenia cultivated; Austria, with Liechtenstein introduced (Austria naturalised, Liechtenstein naturalised); Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan (core) cultivated, Nakhchivan native); Baltic states, with Kaliningrad region cultivated; Belarus cultivated; Belgium, with Luxembourg casual (Belgium introduced: uncertain degree of naturalisation, Luxembourg naturalised); Bosnia-Herzegovina casual; Bulgaria native; Corsica cultivated; Crimea introduced; Croatia casual; Czech Republic naturalised; Denmark introduced; Estonia introduced; Finland casual; Former Yugoslavia native; France, with Channel is. and Monaco (Channel islands naturalised, France naturalised); Germany naturalised; Great Britain naturalised; Greece native; Hungary introduced; Ireland, with N Ireland introduced (Ireland naturalised, Northern Ireland naturalised); Italy, with San Marino and Vatican City naturalised; Latvia introduced; Lithuania introduced; Moldova cultivated; Montenegro native; North Macedonia native; Norway casual; Poland naturalised; Romania native; Russia (C European Russia cultivated, N European Russia cultivated, NW European Russia cultivated); Sardinia casual; Serbia, with Kosovo native; Sicily, with Malta (Sicily casual); Slovakia naturalised; Slovenia casual; Spain, with Gibraltar and Andorra introduced (Spain introduced); Sweden introduced; Switzerland introduced; Ukraine native; Ukraine, with Crimea native

    Common Names

    Finnish (Finland): syreenitA; Swedish (Sweden & Finland): syrenerA


    A. Kurtto, A., Lampinen, R., Piirainen, M. & Uotila, P. 2019: Checklist of the vascular plants of Finland. Suomen putkilokasvien luettelo. – Helsinki: Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS