Source: Hand, R. (2011+): Apiaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
Cachrys L., Sp. Pl.: 246. 1753
    • =Hippomarathrum Link, Enum. Hort. Berol. Alt. 1: 271. 1821
    • =Bilacunaria Pimenov & V. N. Tikhom. in Feddes Repert. 94: 151. 1983



    AE(G) Ab(A N) Ag Al Ar Bu Cm Cr Cy Gg Gr Hs(G S) Ir It Jo Le Li Lu Ma Mk Rf(CS) Sa Si(S) Sr Sy Tn Tu(A) 

    Euro+Med: Albania native; Algeria native; Armenia native; Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan (core) native, Nakhchivan native); Bulgaria native; Crete, with Karpathos native; Crimea native; Cyprus native; East Aegean islands (Greek East Aegean islands native); Former Yugoslavia native; Georgia native; Greece native; Israel/Palestine native; Italy, with San Marino and Vatican City native; Jordan native; Lebanon native; Libya native; Morocco native; North Macedonia native; Portugal native; Russia (North Caucasus native); Sardinia native; Serbia, with Kosovo native; Sicily, with Malta native (Sicily native); Spain, with Gibraltar and Andorra native (Gibraltar native, Spain native); Syria native; Tunisia native; Turkey (Turkey, Asiatic part native)