Condensed distribution representation

The Distribution of a taxon can be displayed in a highly compacted from. This representation includes the area of the distribution as well as their status. Both informations are presented in a abbreviated form.

  Area abbreviations:
AbAzerbaijan EgEgypt (without Sn) LuPortugal (without Az, Md and Sg)
AEEast Aegean Islands EsEstonia MaMorocco, with Spanish Territories
AgAlgeria FaFaeroe Islands MkThe Former Yugoslav Republic of Makedonija
AlAlbania FeFinland Md Madeira
ArArmenia GaFrance, with Channel Islands and Monaco (without Co) MoMoldavia
AuAustria, with Liechtenstein GeGermany NoNorway (without Sb)
AzAzores GgGeorgia PoPoland
BeBelgium, with Luxemburg GrGreece (without Cr and AE(G)) Rf European part of the Russian Federation
BHBosnia-Herzegovina HbIreland with N. Ireland RmRomania
BlBalearic Islands HeSwitzerland SaSardinia
BrUnited Kingdom (excluding Channel Islands and Hb(N)) HsSpain, with Gibraltar and Andorra (without Bl and Ca) SbSvalbard: Spitsbergen, Björnöya and Jan Mayen
BtBaltic countries (Es + La + Lt + Rf(K)) HoNetherlands SgSalvage Islands
BuBulgaria HuHungary Si Sicily, with Malta
ByBelarus IJPalestine (Ir + Jo) SkSlovakia
CaCanary Islands IrIsrael, with the Palestinian Authority territories SlSlovenia
CcCaucasia (Ab + Ar + Gg + Rf(CS)) IsIceland SnSinai
CgMontenegro ItItaly, with San Marino and Vatican City (without Sa and Si(S)) SrSerbia with Kosovo
CoCorsica JoJordan SuSweden
CrCrete and Karpathos island groups LaLatvia SySyria
CsCzech Republic LeLebanon TcsTranscaucasian countries (Ab + Ar + Gg)
CtCroatia LiLibya TnTunisia
CyCyprus LSLebanon and Syria (Le + Sy) Tu Turkey (without AE(T))
DaDenmark (without Fa) LtLithuania Uk Ukraine
Explanation of symbols for the distribution status (at the example of Lu)
endemic Lu native (incl. archaeophytes) dLu doubtfully native
?Lu doubtfully present -Lu absent but reported in error †Lu (presumably) extinct  
[Lu] introduced (casual or naturalized) [aLu] casual alien [cLu] cultivated  
[nLu] naturalized